Friday, December 11, 2009

Countdown to flight flight - Dec. 11

Well not too much happened today except Boeing did install the static pressure cone in preparation for taxi tests and the start of flight testing. Boeing still needs the FAA ok to start flight tests but the 787 will resume taxi tests starting tomorrow morning (Dec. 12th).

Even though I haven't gotten definitive information, I believe Boeing's plans would be to conduct slow and medium speed taxi tests on Saturday. High speed taxi tests and perhaps RTO (rejected take off) test on Sunday/Monday. Tuesday would be first flight.

Right now the weather forecast is this:

Saturday, Dec. 12 - Cloudy, 38H/30L, 20% chance of precip
Sunday, Dec. 13 - Showers, 36H/30L, 40% chance of precip
Monday, Dec. 14 - Showers, 38H/37L, 60% chance of precip
Tuesday, Dec. 15 - Showers, 43H/43L, 40% chance of precip
Wednesday, Dec. 16 - Showers, 49H/47L, 60% chance of precip
Thursday, Dec. 17 - Showers, 49H/41L, 40% chance of precip
Friday, Dec. 18 - Showers, 45H/45L, 30% chance of precip

Not great flying weather ahead so Boeing might be held back by mother nature.

A little programming note: I'll be covering the first flight on Dec. 15th, 3000 miles away from all the action, here in NY. That evening I'll be flying (AA 757) to Brussels and then from there to Mumbai (Jet Airways 777-300ER). If the 787 doesn't fly on the 15th then I will try my best to update but it may not be possible until after I arrive in Mumbai and even then I'll have limited access as I would have to search for an Internet service provider or I'll be at a family wedding or I might be asleep when first flight occurs. Let's hope for clear skies on the 15th!

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