Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boeing receives FAA Experimental Certificate

Boeing has FAA clearance to start test flight on the 787 after they received the FAA's Experimental Certificate allowing them to operate the aircraft as an experimental aircraft only (as opposed to the FAA certification that is required for regular passenger service). All last remaining hurdles for first flight have been cleared with only the weather standing in the way. As of Dec. 13th the forecast for Tuesday Dec. 15th at Everett is 80% chance of showers with temps 45H/43L. Not exactly the conditions Boeing wants to go flying in.

As an aside, Flightblogger got a huge amount of photos from yesterday's taxi tests along with video from Liz Matzelle.

Take a look, it's worth it!

Flightblogger: 138 Photos and 2 Videos of Note: 787's busy day on the ground

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