Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Progress, Part 2

Jon Ostrower, in his blog, provided more information on power on for Dreamliner 1 as well as the big news that LN 1 has it's complete flight deck including displays, the overhead panel, control yokes but doesn't have it's pilot sets yet.

Additionally, Jon reported that Boeing is targeting mid-June for power on though they are making plans for a late June power on in case they run into issues. If achieved then Boeing will be ahead of it's revised timeline.

Lastly, the Dreamlifter is on its way to Everett (presumably) flying by the way of Anchorage for a refueling stop. One should note that when the Dreamlifter has to stop for fuel in Anchorage (when flying from Nagoya to the US) or in Prestwick, Scotland (when flying from Italy to the US) then it's a good chance that it's carrying parts of the 787 to the US. In today's case, the Dreamlifter is carrying the wings for LN 4 to Everett.

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