Friday, June 20, 2008

Flightblogger: 787 next steps

Jon Ostrower just posted an update for the 787 program now that powe ron has been completed. Click here to read his report he has a couple of great pictures. Here is a brief synopsis:

ZY998 to move to 40-24 this evening between 7 pm and 8:30 pm local time.

Power on went extremely well, in fact they expected problems that never materialized.

Gauntlet testing is up next - fooling major systems into thinking that the plane is flying and see how they react. This is a major test to see if the 787 is ready for flight.

With 998 moved out of the way LN 2 and LN 3 will each be moved down the line tomorrow. LN 2 to position 3 and LN 3 to position 2. This will allow the start of final assembly on LN 4.

Dreamlifter 3 will arrive in the US next week and will be tasked with delivering the center fuselage for LN 4. This will be done next week. The forward fuselage section for LN 4 will also be delivered next week.

Integration time for the center fuselage will be one third of what it is now by late summer (with the delivery of LN 6 to Everett). It is hoped that by LN 8 that there will be no more traveled work with the center fuselage. Integration of systems and wiring in the center fuselage will now start to drop after the center section for LN 4 is delivered.

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