Wednesday, June 11, 2008

787 getting close to power on.

BREAKING: Another source says that power on will officially start tomorrow - June 12th. I am trying to get more information.

A source in the 787 program told me that there is still some good progress being made on LN 1, the first 787. Power on should still take place at the end of this month.

More significantly, ZY998, the fatigue test airframe is due to move out of the final assembly building (40-26) on June 19th and into the 767 final assembly building (40-24). It'll stay there until July 20th when it will be moved to the fatigue test site north of Boeing assembly plant.

The move on June 19th will allow Boeing to start assembly on Dreamliner #4 (LN 4).

Jon Ostrower has been in Charleston yesterday and got some great pictures and reported on the progress at Vought and Global Aeronautica. Jon also reported that the third LCF (Dreamlifter) has been certified by the FAA and will be in the US to start hauling 787 sections and parts in July.

More news to note: Boeing and Vought closed on the sale of Vought's share of Global Aeronautica to Boeing today. Boeing and Alenia are now 50-50 partners in the joint venture which assembles the main fuselage section for the 787 from the sections supplied by the three Japanese Heavies and Alenia. In being a partner with Alenia, Boeing is essentially bought inside the Global Aeronautica plant where they can have more control and can continue to look over Vought's shoulder in Charleston.

Dominic Gates from the Seattle Times has a great article on a media visit to Charleston which took place yesterday. Read about it here.

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