Saturday, June 21, 2008

Boeing moves 787 fatigue

ZY998 being moved to building 40-24.
Image Courtesy of Boeing
Yesterday Boeing moved the fatigues aircraft from building 40-26 to building 40-24 where it will stay for about a month finishing up some assembly tasks. Today LN 2 will move to position 3 while LN 3 will remain in position 1 until probably late this week.
As Jon Ostrower reported earlier, the third Dreamlifter, newly modified in Taiwan, will fly to the US in the next few days and immediately will be pressed into service to deliver the center fuselage for LN 4 (the fourth flying 787) late this week. The forward fuselage is also due to be flown into Everett soon and once those two sections have arrived then final assembly will immediately begin. LN 3 will probably move to position 2 late this week to make room for LN 4. The fatigues airframe is expected to move from 40-24 to the fatigue test area in about a month and at the same time LN 1 will move from 40-26 to 40-24 to finish up assembly tasks and prepare it for the move to the flight line. In doing so on or around July 21st, Boeing will make room for LN 5, the 5th test flight aircraft and the first to be fitted with the GEnx engines.
Here's is Boeing's press release here.

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