Sunday, July 15, 2018

787 Mid Year 2018 Review

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett84
To be assembled in Charleston71
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly8
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work3
Pre-Flight Prep12
Production Testing2
Non Customer Flight Tests0
Ready for Delivery1

Boeing had a great month with regards to delivery of 787s in June.  They recorded the second highest total of Dreamliners delivered in one month since they started turning 787s over to customers in September 2011.  Boeing delivered 17 787s (2 x 787-8, 13 x 787-9 2 x 787-10) in the month on June including the 700th 787 to China Southern Airlines on June 26th.  Boeing had delivered 18 787s in December 2014. For the year Boeing has delivered 72 787s (4 x 787-8, 62 x 787-9 and 6 x 787-10).  Since program deliveries began in September 2011 Boeing has delivered 708 787 (354 x 787-8, 348 x 787-9 and 6 x 787-10).

The high delivery rate in June was due to Boeing catching up to miss deliveries related to the Trent 1000 issues that forced Roll Royce to delay delivery of Trents to Boeing for installation on newly assembled 787s.  Boeing delivered 10 Trent powered 787s in June. The average number of production days for those 10 787s was 81.7 days whereas the average number of production days of the 7 GE powered 787s delivered in June was 67.7 days. Going forward the deliveries of 787s should normalized back to the 12/month rate due the greater number of GE powered 787s vs Trent 787s.

On the order front, Boeing did not book any new orders in June though there are MoUs from Bamboo Airways of Vietnam (20 x 787-9) and 6 x 787-9 for Vistara Airlines of India.  These orders have yet to be finalized but I anticipate that they will be by the end of the year barring any unfortunate issues that may occur due to the current trade war.

I do expect some nice orders for the 787 to be announced at the Farnborough Airshow which starts tomorrow including some firm orders including those of Emirates, Hawaiian and possibly United Airlines.  As in previous airshows, I will put out a daily recap of the commercial aircraft orders at Farnborough each day.

Of course you can check my spreadsheets on the latest production and delivery progress of the 787 program which is updated daily.

787 Spreadsheets

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