Friday, June 29, 2018

Boeing Delivered 700th 787 to China Southern Airlines

Boeing appears to have reached a milestone yesterday by delivering the 700th 787 to a customer.  It appears that number 700 was delivered to China Southern Airlines (LN 713, ZB913) and flew away on June 26th. Boeing is on track to deliver 15 787s this month.

As of today Boeing has delivered 704 787s.  I project that they should deliver 800 sometime around February - March, 2019 and depending on when they break rate to 14/month we could see 900 delivered in the fall of 2019. The 1000th 787 should be delivered around the summer of 2020, about 2 years from now again depending on when Boeing increases the production (and delivery) rate to 14/month.

Lastly, Boeing signed up a new customer for 20 787-9s.  Bamboo Airways, a start up airline in Vietnam as signed an MoU and already paid deposits for 20 787-9s.  The deal hasn't been finalized yet but I suspect you should see it on Boeing's order book by the end of this year to early 2019 as first delivery is expected to occur in 2020.

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