Thursday, February 9, 2017

Singapore Airlines places mega wide body order including 19 787-10

Boeing and Singapore Airlines signed an LoI for a very large wide body order.  The order is 30 x 777-9X plus 6 options and 19 x 787-10 + 6 options.  The deal includes the flexibility for Singapore Air to switch the 787-10 order to other 787 models.  The carrier is scheduled to get the first 787-10 in about 15 months, May 2018.

This is a huge boost for Boeing as they widebody orders have almost dried up in 2016.

Speaking of the 787-10, the first 787-10 is currently in the Charleston paint hangar and this aircraft should roll out of the paint hangar on February 16th.  Any Charleston spotters...please try and send my pictures...I'll post them here  and of course give you full credit.  I don't have a time when it will come out unfortunately.


Andrew Boydston said...

Combined with rising fuel prices and production availability Singapore Airlines has paved the way for future and competitive orders from Boeing customers in the region. :)

Traveling Man said...

Excellent order. Singapore Airlines is a quality airline. Interesting that they retain the right to switch the 787-10's to other 787 variants. Seems that airlines are still uncertain about the 10. I wonder if it has to do with the shorter range.

Nick said...

According to the Boeing website, it is 20 (+6 options) for the 777-9X, not 30 (+6 options).

Tarek said...

i don't think it has to do with the 10 in particular - needs change.....forecasting needs isn't exactly a science (which is why you see a ton of changes on narrow body delivery dates currently. just gives them an out if they need to bring down capacity based on economic times. remember these won't be delivered for some time!