Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Boeing to introduce 1st 787-10 on Friday February 17; Roll out from paint hangar still set for February 16th

Boeing is set to present to the 1st 787-10 to the world on February 17th.  The roll out will be attended by Trump who has criticized the 787 in a past tweet:

In another irony the 787 uses a worldwide supplier base that he has repeatedly railed against and now he'll be attending the unveiling of the largest member of that aircraft family.

Nevertheless the aircraft has had a very smooth assembly thus far and the projected window for first flight is reportedly to March 10th.  It does not mean that it will fly on March 10th rather the window ends on that date.  I strongly feel, given that this is a simple stretch of the 787-9 and the flawless execution on the -9 development, the -10 should fly by the end of this month.

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Andrew Boydston said...

There is more than improving a model during its show date, remembering that 7-8-7 day for its debut of the first 787-8. This becomes proof of manufacturing capability. The 787-10 is this concept's opus and it needs to go smoothly from this month forward. The 787-9 introduction was seemingly flawless. Building on that event, Boeing should demonstrate a flawless introduction since ten years later from the original shell it had introduced in 2007. Boeing will have a nary a shim on the floor with the 787-10.