Wednesday, February 15, 2017

787 Mid Month review for February 2017

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett134
To be assembled in Charleston98
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly8
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work2
Pre-Flight Prep7
Production Testing5
Non Customer Flight Tests1
Ready for Delivery4

So far in February Boeing has delivered 4 787 (1 -8s and 3 -9s) with four more airplanes just having recently completed their customer flight, Boeing is well on it's way to delivering 10 787s.  One of those ten will be ZD007 (LN 16, ET-ATH) which is an early build 787.  This one should deliver by the 28th.  Thus far, Boeing has delivered 16 787s this year and 516 since program deliveries started in 2011.

Also on tap for delivery is Korean Air's first 787-9 and first aircraft for regular passenger service.  This aircraft, ZB656 (LN 525, HL8081), just recently completed its customer flight and should deliver around February 22.  Korean Air took delivery of an early build 787-8 that they will operate on as a Presidential/VIP aircraft on behalf of the South Korean govt.

Production is still being limited by the introduction of the 787-10 into the production system.  Again most production 787s are being diverted to Everett for final assembly thus ensuring that assembly of customer aircraft is not impacted by any issues that may occur when assembling the 787-10.  Next Monday the first 787-10 powered by GE engines will enter final assembly.  Since the last -10 took 50 days to be assembled, I expect the the assembly time to be a little less.  

Of course the big news out Charleston was that Boeing workers there rejected IAM's attempts to unionize the 3,000 employees 74% to 26%. This was a resounding defeat for IAM who cannot hold another vote to unionize until one year from now at the earliest.  

Lastly, some other news from South Carolina, Boeing will open the 2nd paint bay it its newly completed paint hangar by the end of this month thus completely eliminating the need to fly 787s to Louisiana or California for painting as well as saving time and money ferrying the aircraft back and forth.

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Bob Franklin UK said...

It's it not 3 -9s and 1 -8 delivered ?

Uresh said...

Yeah my bad!

Bob Franklin UK said...

No problem, with the amount of typing you do with the articles and tables the odd typo is enevitable.

Keep up the good work.