Thursday, February 16, 2017

1st 787-10 Outside Charleston Paint Hangar



Here's another much better picture.  I'm not sure who tok it but clearly you can see how much larger the -10 is vs. the -9 and -8.

Here's the first 787-10 painted and waiting outside the Charleston paint hangar!  This was posted on Twitter about 20 minutes ago by Jon Ostrower.


The Brothers in the Hell said...

It is beautiful! :)

larmeyers said...

Uresh, I've been getting a pop-up (unable to load) over the main blog page every time I go. Maybe trying to load a table from a location that doesn't exist anymore since the change. Have you heard this from anyone else? Mac/safari... everything current.

Uresh said...

Nope I haven't heard anything about it.

johnv777 said...

I use Mac / Safari with no problems.