Tuesday, December 20, 2016

First 787-10 completes wing-body join, Boeing delivers 499th 787

Boeing Photo

Boeing Photo
Boeing released a couple of photos showing ZC001 (LN 528) in final assembly position 1 which is the wing-body join area.  In it we get a pretty good look at the size of the 787-10 compared to the AA 787-9 next to it.  By now this aircraft should be in position 2 where it should get its landing gear.

Notice in the second picture the Xiamen Airlines 787-9 (ZB813, LN 512) is still inside 88-30 but now it has it engines. It seems that this aircraft probably took a little longer to repair.

Today Boeing delivered the 499th 787 to Air Europa. ZA885 (LN 508, EC-MMY) is the second 787-8 to be delivered.  I expect Boeing to deliver Dreamliner #500 on Dec. 20th to Avianca.

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Vab Andleigh said...

Check out the size of a 787 interior in this photo of an Qatar 787 with minimal cabin fittings in...e.g., no seats, galleys or bathrooms.