Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bloomberg picture shows 787-9 for Xiamen undergoing repairs to wing body join area

Photo By Julie Johnson

A week ago, journalist Julie Johnson of Bloomberg visited Boeing North Charleston on took a couple of revealing pictures like the one above showing a panorama of the final assembly hall.  What is interesting is not the 787-10 in position 0 or the 787-9 for Korean Air in position 1 but he aircraft in the background in position 6.  This is the Xiamen Airlines 787-9, ZB813 (LN 512) that had the assembly mishap when MT were drilling holes into the left wing and body join area.

Photo By Julie Johnson

As you can see from the blow up of Julie's photo, the wing body fairing for the left wing is off and the engines aren't hanging off the wings thus indicating (as of December 6th) that Boeing was still fixing the aircraft.  As far as the information that I have this 787-9 is still scheduled to roll out on Dec. 16th and take it's first flight on Dec. 28th and will be ferried for painting on January 4th.  Delivery is still TBD but I am projecting that it should occur around the 3 or 4th week of January.


Jet.Fuel.773-er said...

Does this delay stall the delivery goal for this year?

Uresh said...

No it's supposed to be delivered in 2017 in any case.

Ian Wilson said...

We had something similar when I worked at Fokker in Amsterdam with a Fokker100, no big deal in the end. Only problem wing(s) were no longer inte-changeable if one ever had to replace a wing. Ian