Tuesday, December 20, 2016

787-10 progresses through final assembly

Boeing Photo

Boeing is handing some great shots of the 787-10 lately.  Now is a photo of the first aircraft, ZC001 (LN528, N528ZC) in position 2 in building 88-30.  This really shows off the enormous size of the 787-10 to great effect compared to the -9 and -8 that are in the other assembly positions in the background.  I expect that this -10 will now be getting it's landing gear in this position and will probably stay there until after the Holidays as Boeing will shut down for the remainder of the year starting Dec. 23rd.

In the "Where's ZB813" segment, we can see that the formally damaged 787-9 for Xiamen is still inside 88-30 in the upper left corner of the photo.  However it look complete with engines and all wing/body fairings are on so that's a good sign.  It might be ready to roll out of the factory any day now.

I'm still awaiting confirmation that ZA674 (LN 513, N793AV) has been contractually delivered to Avianca as the 500th 787 delivered.  Stranger still is no word from Boeing on this important milestone. You'd think that delivering 500 787s five and quarter years after first delivery would be an achievement that Boeing's PR would be crowing about.  Yet nothing.  Stay tuned....

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Pete Templin said...

That'd be "formerly damaged", as in "in the past", not "formally damaged", as in "it was casual damage before, but things got serious, so now it's formal and official".