Monday, November 11, 2013

Second 787-9 takes flight, Boeing delivers 100th 787 (for real this time)

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Ok so I have to backtrack a little bit.  Last week ZA175 (LN 20, JA821J)for Japan Airlines appeared at the Everett Delivery Center and later in the day showed a delivery flight planned for that aircraft to Tokyo.  This was, I assumed, the 100th delivery of a 787 to a customer and I reported it as such. However, the flight plan timed out and a couple of days later the aircraft was towed back to a flightline stall.  Now the aircraft may have been contractually delivered but I am not sure.  Right now it seems that ZA434 for Hainan Airlines (LN 85, B-2730) looks to be the 100th delivered 787.

Given the high level of interest in the 787 I would have expected that Boeing would have made some comment about the delivery but as of yet there hasn’t been any communication about it even after I’ve made an inquiry about it.  Boeing is being very quiet about this which seems to suggest that there might be some sort of behind the scenes issue with who is the actual recipient of 787 #100 or Boeing is waiting to make a very big splash about it at some later date.

As far as production goes, Boeing is still making very good progress in ramping up the rate in the factory.  November has been slow in terms of production testing after last month’s flurry of flight test activity.  There are still 4 aircraft including the aforementioned ZA175 waiting to be delivered.  Boeing has delivered 2 aircraft through the first 10 days of this month though I still see Boeing able to deliver at least 6 more aircraft this month.  They will have to start moving planes out of the flightline and into customer hands if they’re to increase the rate and avoid have a glut of 787s crowding the Everett and Charleston ramps.  This week will probably be critical in terms of determining the progress in delivering these Dreamliners.  Boeing will need to get a few (about 4) more aircraft up doing their B-1 as well as have the 6 airplanes that have already started production testing flying their customer flights.

Last week ZB002 (LN 133, N789FT), the second 78-9 test aircraft, flew for the first time in a 4 hour and 18 minute test flight.  The following day, ZB001 (LN 126, N789EX) resumed test flights after spending a week at Everett.  No reason was given for the 1 week layover but I suspect it was to fine tune the aircraft and possibly change out some flight test equipment.  ZB021 (LN 139, N789ZB) had its GEnx engines run for the first time and I suspect will join the test flight program sometime around mid-December.  In the meantime, Boeing is continuing production work on the first 787-9.  ZB197 (LN 146) is destined for ANA and will be used for some of the final testing activities that the FAA mandated to be done on a production standard aircraft. I expect that this aircraft should roll out by late November but I don’t expect that it will be needed for any test flights until February at the earliest.  I still expect that the first 787-9 should deliver to Air New Zealand around April, 2014.

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Rene Rosales said...

Uresh, is there a way to know the total number of test hours that Boeing will be putting on the -9 test fleet for certification, even an approximate number? Would be nice if it could also show something like 'approximate % of total flight test hours completed' in your spreadsheet. Thanks. Keep up the great work on the updates. I read your blog daily, without fail.

Randy Austin said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, there is no hidden intrigue about the delivery of the 100th 787 nor will there be a "big splash" later -- Boeing doesn't now nor has it ever cared about delivery numbers like 100 unless it related to the 100th delivery of some sort to a particular customer. If JAL was "contractually" the 100th delivery it would be more bad PR when they had to explain why it didn't fly away until a few days/weeks later.

greg said...

According to Boeing's numbers:

As of November 8, 2013
16 Airline Customers
101 Airplanes Delivered
47,006 Flights
9,066,170 Estimated Passengers Flown
72,612,038 Miles Flown

taken from:

So, nothing special about the 100th. It's gone up to 101st already.

Joostdg said...

Nice find greg.

And Uresh thanks for keeping us up to date!