Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another correction, JAL took delivery of the 100th Dreamliner (seriously this time)

There has been plenty of confusion as to who received the 100th Dreamliner but thanks to Greg, an eagle eyed reader of this blog we might be able to finally declare who the winner is:

Japan Airlines received the 100th 787.  It was ZA175 (LN 20, JA821J)

this aircraft was seen by Matt Cawby at the Everett Delivery Center on Nov. 5th and a Flightwaware alert popped up showing that this aircraft was to leave that evening for Tokyo.  The aircraft never left and was ultimately towed back to the flightline at Everett.

Since then Hainan Airlines took delivery of a 787, ZA434 (LN 85, B-2730) at Charleston and flew it to China so that left many assuming that this aircraft was number 100.

Then Greg found a posting on Boeing's New Airplane Flight tracker web site.  Boeing has delivered 101 787 as of November 8, 2013.  This can only mean that ZA175 was delivered as not other 787 except for ZA434 has been seen at the Everett Delivery Center or the Charleston Delivery Center.  Since ZA175 was at the EDC on Sept. 5 and ZA434 showed up at the CDC on Nov. 8th it should follow that ZA175 was delivered before ZA434.

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johnv777 said...

United fleet website on twitter reports that united 787was delivered today, but sill in CHS.

Andrew Munsell said...

John V, I was just about to ask if anybody had any idea why United hadn't taken delivery yet. They usually take them fast.

johnv777 said...

From Twitter :

United Fleet Website ‏@UnitedFleetWebs 7m

788: N29908 sked DEN 6874/13Nov, new delivery CHS noon departure

Piotr Bozyk said...

Something about 100th 787:

Hi Piotr,

Hainan was 100th to fly away.

Jim Proulx
International Sales Communications
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Uresh said...

100th to fly away, yes. Not the 100th to be contractually delivered. There is a difference.

Piotr Bozyk said...

Oh ok ;) Sorry for OT ;)

Peter Schneider said...

Looks like LN141 is A6-PFC

Ziggy said...

On the test flight page shouldn't the variable number begin with "ZB" ?

Ziggy said...

Uresh, ignore/delete my last comment. Thanks

Uresh said...

It does

Anonymous said...

EI-LNC is scheduled to start revenue flights with Norwegian from Copenhagen on the 29th of November so it should be delivered next week.

1coolguy1 said...

Is there an estimated range of flight hours each of the -9's will undergo or does it fall into an unknown "as many as the FAA eventually requires"?

Uresh said...

There probably is but Boeing hasn't released it.

Abner Red said...

The overall flight test hours of the 787-9s including 3 test aircraft and some early customers' planes are roughly 2400 hours in 6 months around..

TurtleLuv said...

Cawby tweeted line 20 has engines removed. I wonder if it's gonna be an NTU. I would LOVE to know how a frame goes from being at the delivery center with a delivery flight scheduled to being parked in a development stall for weeks and having its engines removed.