Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boeing delivers 100th 787 to Japan Airlines

While I have no official confirmation nor any word from Boeing, it appears that the 100th 787 to be delivered went to Japan Airlines this afternoon.  There was a flightplan just filed on Flightaware.com.  The aircraft is ZA175 (LN 20, JA821J) which is one of the early buiild 787s that had to go throughthe long process of change incorporation.  So far I have not heard of any aircraft being delivered from Charleston as of yet.  ZA175 is currently at the Everett Delivery Center.

Boeing has delivered 51 787s in 2013, and 100 aircraft since the start of deliveries in September 2011.

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larmeyers said...

Somehow seems appropriate that the 100th delivery is LN20. It's actually only the 4th aircraft delivered sequentially from the beginning of production.

Uresh, on a related note, the "red" airframes in storage are now showing TBD as the customer (except the Transaero). Has Boeing allocated later slots for those sales? Any likely takers for the eventual delivery of these early frames?

Thanks… as always.

James Graham said...

I also saw a change in the terrible teens. The ones not going to Transaero (except for a couple) are now listed for Lion Air. This is a big change. What happened?

John N Mitchell said...

Wondering what happened that JAL JA821J did not fly out last night. Are they maybe painting a 100th 787 on the side?

Vaibhav Andleigh said...

If you're curious what Lion Air is doing with the "teenager" 787s, this article (see second page) gives some details:


"In addition to the 737 backlog, Lion also has five Boeing 787-8s on order and options on five more. The first five, at least two of which could be operated by Thai Lion, are part of the early build batch of 787s that were not configured with the optimized structure of the current production standard. “We are trying to see what we will do with them,” says Kirani.

Describing the batch as “teenager” aircraft, he adds that Lion “got a pretty good deal. But we don’t need that aircraft to fly further than what we need, although for sure they are a little heavier.”

Kirani acknowledges that Thai Lion has expressed a desire to use some of these aircraft on longer-haul operations, adding, “We are working on that.” The aircraft are believed to be Rolls-Royce Trent 1000-powered line numbers 10, 13, 15, 16 and 18. "

Uresh said...

Yes I know, I already saw the article.

larmeyers said...

uh oh… it looks like LN 20 got undelivered.

I have a question. Can an aircraft be changed from GE to RR engines or vice versa? Or are they specifically constructed for one or the other?

thanks in advance...

Vaibhav Andleigh said...

Second 787-9 just flew yesterday for 4 hours


TurtleLuv said...

I guess it's obvious Boeing didn't want to make a big deal out of the 100th delivery. The probable fake out delivery to Japan Airlines, followed by the weird and quiet deliver to Hainan, leaving nobody sure what really happened.