Friday, November 15, 2013

Breaking: Boeing announces start of 10/month 787 production rate

Boeing announced through Randy Tinseth's Boeing Blogs that they have loaded the first aircraft to be produced at 10/month.  This aircraft is ZA188 (LN 152) destined for Japan Airlines was loaded yesterday in 40-24 (surge line).  I suspect that this aircraft will be delivered in January.  Boeing had promised for a couple of years that the 787 production rate will hit 10/month by late 2013 and have achieved it a month and half early.

Boeing has been steadily increasing the production rate on the 787 through October and November.  In Everett the rate is about 8/month while Boeing is building the 787s in Charleston at 2/month.  Boeing should be loading a 787 in Everett every 4 days split between the main line in 40-26 and the surge line in 40-24.

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David Cummings said...

Hi all,
just a question. The 787s that United are operating where they all ordered initially by Continental? and if not which ones where?


Uresh said...

Yes, they're the one order by Continental.

Anonymous said...

Hey Uresh,whats happened to line 84 JAL that had the battery issue in boston,is it in service again?

Uresh said...


Abner Red said...

hello Uresh,why ZB001 en route from Boeing Field Intl (KBFI) has diverted to Boeing Field Intl (KBFI)?any details about this plane?seemed some glitch on it?

Uresh said...

I don't know.

1coolguy1 said...

The Ethiopian 787 that caught fire @ Heathrow - What is the progress of its' repair? Is it still parked @ Heathrow?

agincourt said...

So we now know where the delivered JA821J is, it's on the flight line at Everitt and apparently without engines according to Matt Cawby.

Uresh said...

Still being repaired

David Cummings said...

Ja821j has apparently been delivered but is yet to fly away from boeing. Which suggests she has her engines attached and is ready. She's probably awaiting the software update before being flown to her new home.
Et-aop has had her tail removed and the damaged area cut away they have built a new rear section and cut a plug for the damaged area out of it for the repairs. I am guessing she won't be in the air anytime before the new year

agincourt said...

JA821J does have its engines back according to Matt Cawby