Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Round up of 787 News

Over the last couple of days, news regarding the 787 has been coming in fast. From the resolution of compensation to Spirit over its share of 787 work to this morning's announcement with the revised 787 schedule. I've posted links to some of articles and blog posts that have come out in the last few days.

One thing that should be mentioned though (that I didn't talk about in my previous post) is the crowded flightline at Boeing. Because of the new delivery date and the growing lack of ramp space at Everett, Boeing may be forced to slow down production in order to get the airplanes built prepared to be ferried to San Antonio for further rework and change incorporation. These preparations may take some time thus forcing Boeing to slowdown production. We would have to wait and see if that indeed happens. With ZA102, hopefully flying today, it may allow Boeing and the FAA to work out compromise whereby the already completed 787s can be fixed up and flown out of Everett to San Antonio and thus freeing up space to continue production.

Another interesting issue that comes up is delivery order. Boeing may deliver some of the later production models (as they would little to no rework or change incorporation). This would help with financial margins as well as continuing to free up ramp space at Everett.

Here are the links of interest:

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Saj Ahmad: Summer Delivery on Cards for 787?

Saj Ahmad: Boeing 787 - Certification Finish Line In Sight?

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