Thursday, January 20, 2011

First production 787 makes first flight

The first production 787 and the first 787 that will be delivered to ANA later this year made its first flight yesterday. ZA102 took off a little late at 3:53 PM PT and tested the landing gear actuation among other standard test that occurs on Boeing's B-1 flight test. Boeing said that aircraft landed as planned at Paine Field.

ZA102 will be tasked to conduct function and reliability testing and ETOPs testing though it is unknown when those tests will begin.

Boeing issued a press release after ZA102 landed:

Newest 787 Dreamliner Makes First Flight

The newest 787 - designated ZA102 - made its first flight today. The airplane took off from Paine Field at 3:53 p.m. (Pacific time) and landed just over one hour later at the same location (per the plan). ZA102 will be a temporary member of the flight test fleet and will be focused on helping to demonstrate 787 extended operations (ETOPS) and complete function and reliability testing. Earlier flight test airplanes were configured more uniquely for other testing required as part of the certification program.
Matt Cawby shot video of ZA102's takeoff from Paine as well as photos of the aircraft's return.

Matt Cawby: ZA102 First Flight

Guy Norris has posted a blog report on ZA102 testing as well as the tempo of 787 flight testing:

Guy Norris: First 787 for ANA Takes Off

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