Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guy Norris: ZA005 heading to Puerto Rico

As I had mentioned earlier, ZA005 is flying to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. At the time I wasn't sure what the test objectives are for ZA005 but Guy Norris has revealed that it is heading down to the Caribbean to undertake take off and landing tests. Boeing had the aircraft in New Mexico the last couple of days doing take off and landing tests at high altitude airport in Albuquerque. The airport at Aguadilla is at sea level.

Guy also goes into a flight test fleet update and states that ZA003 should be flying very soon as well. ZA006 is undertaking ground tests and should be flying again soon though no date is evident.

Guy Norris: Tropical Test for 787

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GP said...

Boeing comments this morning on 2011 profit hurt BY 787 and defense cuts. you may look to the release.