Wednesday, January 26, 2011

787/747-8 Bullet Points from Boeing's Earnings Call

Boeing says they've completed 75% of required testing needed for delivery

787 high risk conditions mostly retired

787 production continues to improve

Currently 2/month production rate for 787

Still maintaining 787 10/month build rate by end of 2013

787-9 still targeted for delivery at end of 2013

747-8I first flight expected by end of March, 2011, first delivery still expected by end of year

Still expecting to deliver 747-8F by middle of 2011

Expect to be completed with 787 settlement negotiations with 787 suppliers by the end of the year

787 not in a forward loss position but profitability is under pressure

787 customer claim negotiations are still ongoing but are tracking to expectations

Expect 50/50 split between 787 and 747-8 deliveries this year (between 25 to 40 in total expected to be delivered)

Boeing expects 0 margins on early 787 and 747-8 deliveries (dilutive to 2011 earnings)

United says it expects its first 787 in 1Q12

787 ETOPS is fully in the schedule and will be delivered in 2011 with ETOPS certification

787 parts are coming in more completed then before

Boeing had a conservative view of 787 production ramp up but that margin is now eaten up with the slide in deliveries

Boeing has a clear view with 787 FAA certification.

ETOPS 0n 787 is different vs. 777 - fault and condition based for 787 ETOPS instead of cycle based for 777

Boeing and FAA are in agreement with testing requirements for ETOPS

Temporary fix of electrical issues is flying on 787s right now but permanent fix must be installed before ETOPS testing starts; most other testing is largely done

Boeing is still sorting out which 787 line number will be delivered first though they are close to finally figuring it out

20 -25 787s need re-work. The later units are have levels of completion (currently at line 31).

There is some 787 schedule margin which is measured in weeks

Boeing Charleston assembly building is ahead of schedule


Roy Navon said...

Hi Uresh,

Could you please explain the following bullet?
"ETOPS 0n 787 is different vs. 777 - fault and condition based for 787 ETOPS instead of cycle based for 777"


Uresh said...

When they certified the 777 for ETOPs, they (Boeing and the FAA) used the number of flight cycles (a flight) as the basis for ETOPs. Now with the 787 they're going to simulate certain conditions and faults while the airplane is flying long range routes and use that as a basis for ETOPs certification.