Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ZA006 first flight delayed....again; 787 test flight pace slows down

UPDATE: Susanna Ray of Bloomberg News just posted a news story on ZA006:

Susanna Ray: Boeing's Final Test 787 Faces 'Challenges' for Flight

I've just received news that the first flight for ZA006 has been delayed yet again. Originally this airplane was to flown in April-May but now first flight is scheduled for October 4th...12 days from now. No reason is apparent in this newest delay.

Meanwhile the pace of 787 flight testing has slowed down with only ZA001 and ZA004 conducting flight tests the last few days. I do believe that the other three airplanes are in either lay up or conducting ground tests. The RR/787 test program has exceed 70% of the planned 2,430 flight hours needed for certification while overall the 787 has exceeded 60% of the planned 3,100 flight hours.

Lastly, Boeing has released a video of the first aft fuselage section for the 747-8I as this airplane moves closer to final assembly. Check out the Boeing video below:

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