Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guy Norris details upcoming 787 test schedule

Today Guy Norris detailed the upcoming tests for the 787 which includes the max energy RTO (rejected take off) certification testing as well as details of the testing that ZA102 (LN 9) will be tasked to perform as part of the "first of model" testing that will be performed on production standard 787s.

Earlier this evening, ZA004 returned to Boeing Field from Glasgow Industrial Airport where it was taking part in community noise testing.

Tomorrow should be a very busy day for ZA001 where it will be performing the max energy RTO to test the carbon braking system of the 787. If it passes this will be a major milestone that will be passed on the road to certification.

Guy Norris: 787 max energy brake tests today


Dan said...

Any news yet on the high energy RTO tests??

Uresh said...

Nothing yet...keeping my ear to the ground but I'm guessing that since ZA001 has returned to Boeing Field, the test may have been successful.