Friday, September 17, 2010

Ten Month In.....

Boeing Photos
Ten months into the 787 test program and Boeing has made some progress but also aw some set backs in announcng a delay to first delivery to ANA as well as some continued Trent 1000 engine issues.

Boeing has accumulated, through September 14, 1,850 hours and 30 minutes spread over 596 total flights since December 15th. the pace has dropped over the past ten days.mainly due to arplanes being out for ground testing or for planned layups. In the period between August 15 and September 14th Boeing has flown the most hours since the start of flight tests with over 362 flight test hours flown. This included the crosswind test flight in Iceland as well as continued S & C (stability and control) testing and flight loads survey flights.

In the next week Boeing should havethe 6th and final test flight airplane flying though it is a few months late getting into the air. Boeing has given itself a little bit more time to complete all the certification test flights and to prepare the production airplanes for delivery by delaying the delivery to mid February but patience is now razor thin with its customers.

Guy Norris posted a blog report on the 787 test flight fleet's current disposition. ZA001 and ZA005 both returned to flight on Friday, September 17th and ZA004 did fly to Glasgow Industrial Airport in Montana today for the 787's 600th flight. It will conduct community noise testing for the next few days while it is there.

Guy Norris: 787s back in the air


sfnv said...

Do all flight hours really get tracked? You seem to have the figures to two decimal points, but are the hours in Iceland or at places where they are just doing takeoff/landing tests and may never file a flight plan getting tracked? is it possible the real test hour total is actually much larger?

Uresh said...

Yes they all are tracked.