Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What are the 787s doing?

Well some of you reading this blog might be wondering about the activity (or lack there of) of test flights on the 787 test fleet. Here's a run down:

ZA001 - Having it's left engine changed (reason unknown); should return to flight around 10/5
ZA002 - In ground tests; should return to flight around 10/5
ZA003 - Maintenance; should return to flight on 9/30 (tomorrow)
ZA004 - Thrust reverser and misc. engine upgrades and additional instrumentation being added; should return to flight on 10/9
ZA005 - Engine change; should return to flight on 10/12
ZA006 - Undergoing flight readiness review for first flight; first flight on 10/4 (not 10/2 anymore)

Interestingly, ZA006 is in the paint hangar for an unknown reason but is still scheduled for its first flight.

Flightblogger, in between tours of various 787 supplier facilities, had time to put up a 787 post.

Some notable news:

  • ZA101 (LN 8) has received its Trent 1000 engines
  • ZA102 (LN 9) performed gear swing tests
  • ZA102 has received a partial passenger cabin (between doors 1 and 2 and another section between door 3 and 4).
  • ZA001 has successfully completed the max energy RTO tests
  • 787 production is set to resume after this weekend with LN 28 (ZA232) for Air India set to start final assembly. This should mark the start of production at just under 3/month.

You can read more in his blog:

Flightblogger: 787 News in Brief: Trent 1000s, ZA006 first flight, float concludes, 787s 8 & 9, RTO in the bag, plus 737 and 747-8

Guy Norris also has a 787 update on the Aviation Week blog roll Things With Wings. He elaborates on ZA006's road to first flight as well as on the activities surrounding the other 5 test flight airplanes.

Guy Norris: Second GE 787 Set to Fly

Until the 787's are back in the air again, here a re some Boeing videos on the 787 for your viewing pleasure:

All Videos Courtesy of Boeing

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