Monday, March 22, 2010

Flightblogger 787 Flight Test Review

Flightblogger has put up an update along with pictures and video of the current 787 progress to date. In it he describes what has been done and what is in store for the immediate future with the 6 test airplanes as summarized below:

ZA001 : Completed flutter testing and is now commencing high speed stability and control testing.
ZA002 : Still in Victorville after completing ground effects testing but is due to return to Boeing Field tomorrow, March 23rd.
ZA004 : Will finish up flight testing of the version 5.5 service ready software today, March 22nd and then will go into a period of extended ground testing
ZA003 : Going through a planned post first flight layup. I'm not sure when she's due to fly again.
ZA005 and ZA006 : Still at Everett Field with ZA005 due to be moved to paint shop soon for aqueous wash of it's fuel tanks. Word I've gotten is that ZA005 won't be in the air until around May 8th and ZA006 won't fly until around June 4th. These are estimates by the way.

Flightblogger: 787 Flight Testing Month 3 (Plus 7)

Lastly, there's a great article taking a look inside the 787 telemetry room at Boeing Field. The article is authored by Jason Paur of Autopia. This is great for those of us who don't really understand the goings on of flight testing of a new commercial airliner.

A Look Inside the Brains of Boeing 787 Flight Test

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