Sunday, March 28, 2010

787 ultimate load test to be conducted today

Boeing Photo
UPDATE (6:21 PM on March 28th): Flightblogger just tweeted that the test has occured and that indications are that the wing had passed the 150% ultimate load test with no funnies. Good news!
Boeing has scheduled the ultimate load test for the 787 wing today, March 28th. the test was to occur between 10 AM and 12 noon Pacific Time. Since it is past that time there is still no word on if the test was conducted and the results (if any).

In order for the test to be undertaken today, Boeing cleared buildings 40-22 (747 assembly), 40-23 (static test) and the 40-24 buildings of all personnel except for the test engineers that are sequestered in a "bomb shelter" in building 40-23. This is in case the wing fails before it reaches the 150% load threshold. Boeing doesn't plan to break the wing above the 150% threshold.
I am still waiting to hear about results but until then here's a great article from Bloomberg about the 787 ultimate load test.

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