Friday, March 12, 2010

747 and 787 flight test update

So a couple of things coming out.

ZA003 first flight window opens at 10AM PST on Sunday March 14th (I'll be away skiing so I won't be able to cover it).

ZA004 was expected to return to flight tests this week but now it's been pushed back due to more ground tests at Boeing Field. Still no word on when it'll return to the air. As you may recall, after first flight ZA004 is spending some time on the ground for flight test equipment installation and calibration as well as for further ground tests. Boeing really needs to get this airplane back in the air soon given the testing that has been assigned to it.

Lastly, Randy Tinseth got up two nice posts on it, one on ZA002 and the testing at Victorville as well as one one the747-8 flight testing. The last two 747-8F will both be in the air in the next five days.

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