Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Albaugh speaks at JP Morgan Aerospace Conference

James Albaugh, Boeing Commercial Aircraft President, spoke at a JP Morgan Investors conference this morning. Here are a few snippets:
  • 787 should receive the TIA (Type Inspection Authorization) by the end of this month (March).

  • Boeing right now putting out 2 787s per month will be up to 2.5 airplanes per month by August, 2010 and up to 10/month by end of 2013.

  • ZA003 should fly this Sunday (confirms what I had reported earlier here)

  • ZA001 reached speeds of around M0.97 (in a dive) during testing.

  • Expects first 787 delivery from Charleston in 1st quarter 2012

  • Boeing has used up some of the 787 flight testing contingency and had about one to one and a half months of contingency left in the test flight program.

  • New 747-8 coming "on line" on March 15, 17 (this means that Initial Airworthiness Testing is complete by then so that the two remaining 747-8 test airplanes will be in the air next week).

In other news, ZA003 ran its engines yesterday on the Boeing flight line and should be conducting its gauntlet testing towards the end of this week followed by first flight on March 14th. ZA002 has departed this morning for Victorville where it will continue flight testing.

A bit of surprising news is Boeing's award of 747 LCF Dreamlifter operations from Evergreen International to Atlas Air.

Unsurprisingly, Evergreen International is upset but their contract was for 35 years but is renewable every 5 years and it was due for renewal this year. Here's an article focusing on Evergreen's reaction.

Also, unsurprisingly, Flightblogger is reporting that the LCF contract was given to Atlas as part compensation for the delays to the 747-8F, 12 of which Atlas has ordered. Atlas is due to take over LCF operations from Evergreen this September. Boeing will retain ownership of the 4 LCFs.

Flightblogger: Sources: Dreamlifter Deal Part of 747-8 Compensation to Atlas

Fleetbuzzeditorial.com : Boeing's Big Choices

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