Tuesday, June 9, 2009

787 roundup - June 9, 2009

Lots of stuff today but nothing earth shattering. First Guy Norris of Aviation Week reported that Boeing is now analyzing data from the recently completed intermediate gauntlet tests on ZA001 and once the data has been reviewed a plan of action for the final gauntlet will probably be formulated and executed. ZA001 did have one post gauntlet test engine run on June 8th which should clear it for final gauntlet testing which Guy feels should start later this week.

Randy Tinseth give Boeing's perspective on the 787s intermediate gauntlet testing in his blog. What's very interesting is that when the test crew is buttoned up inside the 787 doing the gauntlet tests they're served meals and have full use of the airplanes' lavatories!

Lastly, Boeing released three videos of the gauntlet testing which are very fascinating to watch and give an idea of what the flight test team is doing to prepare for first flight.

Guy's 26th 787 Update Report
Randy's Journal - Learning to Fly

Getting to Gauntlet

Video Courtesy of Boeing

Going Through Gauntlet

Video Courtesy of Boeing

Men and Women of Gauntlet

Video Courtesy of Boeing


Anonymous said...


What are the aspects of the intermediate gauntlet that have to evaluated and then translated into the final gauntlet...that is, what is the relationship between the two?

In Jon's description of the final gauntlet, it was basically running and testing the engines continuously for several days at different speeds.

Does this depend on things previously tested?

Anonymous said...

because of the accident with the A477 there has been alot of speculation about the safety of a plane in a lightening storm at high elevations.

Has the composite body proven to be equal to or more safe than a standard aluminum plane?

How and when was that tested?