Monday, June 8, 2009

Flightblogger: 787 Intermediate Gauntlet Test Completed

Flightblogger says that Boeing confirmed the successful completion of the intermediate gauntlet tests. Boeing is pretty much set up for the start of final gauntlet testing after the intermediate was completed on Sunday afternoon (June 7th).

Jon also reported that ZA002 completed tests of its navigation system. ZA002 could be on the fuel dock as early as Tuesday for its fueling tests and calibration as well as spooling up its APU for the first time.

Flightblogger: Intermediate gauntlet complete


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Jon's article is really comprehensive....

Keep up the breaking is appreciated

Anonymous said...

Any word on when the final gauntlet will start?

Do you think the 787 will lift off before the end of the Paris Air Show. It does not appear that it will lift off beforehand

Uresh said...

I haven't heard word yet but if the review of the intermediate gauntlet testing shows good results then I would expect it to start shortly.

First flight certainly won't be before Paris but during the air show (late next week) would be a good bet.