Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 2015 787 Delivery and Production Report

Boeing had a disappointing month as far as 787 deliveries goes.  Internally, Boeing is looking at 138 deliveries (publicly they gave their guidance as 124-127) which translates to 11.5 deliveries per month in 2015.  In January Boeing delivered only 7 787 to customers, far fewer than what is needed.  Annualized this would represent only 84 deliveries.  It is the beginning of the new year and Boeing has been a bit slow to ramp up activities after the Holiday season but they will need to make a much stronger showing in February and March.  The efficiency ratio was 1.43 which is way too high as deliveries did not match the number of aircraft rolled out.

The company did roll out 10 787s from it's 3 final assembly lines and started final assembly on a further 11 787 air frames to the flightlines though a number of them had to go the EMC.

According to the most latest information that I have, there are 15 787s tentatively scheduled for delivery in February including a number that were to be delivered in January.  It is highly doubtful that Boeing will deliver this number of 787s and I believe that in the best case scenario, they will deliver 11 to 13. Up to 6 of these deliveries would be the 787-9 including LAN's first -9 (via lease from AerCap).

Production rate is holding steady and it has taken Boeing an average of 102 days to build, test and deliver 787s (based on January deliveries not including outliers) last month.  Boeing needed an average of 5 test flights per delivered aircraft to complete the delivery process.

787 Full Production Table
787 Build Location By Operator 
787 Build Location By Customer


Darrell Sawyer said...

Are seats still a pacing item for slowing deliveries?

Anonymous said...

Hi Uresh,

Just 2 questions.

I miss the link to The "787 full production table". Would you mind to place it agsin? Many thanks in advance!

Since when is LN 291 moved from Charllestons 88-30 to Everett 40-24? At one if the kast columns its still said buildt ant Everett? Just a Typo? Or a change?

Keep up the good wordk

Evan Robinson said...

Any word on when Korean LN11 will be taking first flight

Andrew Boydston said...

Underlying the production slake in January is a supplier Holiday malaise which Boeing will accommodate as they are also reworking the production line bumps in preparation for a 2015 run. A gradual build up of production will peak at quarters end in another 45 days I presume.

Uresh said...

Here's the link to the full production table:


LN291 was always meant to be assembled in Charleston.

Uresh said...

No word on LN 11's first flight yet. It should be entering paint soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uresh,

Thanks for your quick answers
Glad to see the link back in your postst

I know that L/N 291 is Charleston buitl, but last week in your production tables wasLN 291 Mentioned at the Everett 40-24. Now it says Charleston again.so i quess it wat a typo for a few days. tHnks for the head up
What will the registration be of the NordicPlane?

Uresh said...

I don't have the registration info yet.

Evan Robinson said...

Any idea when LN11 will take its B1?

Uresh said...

Probably next month.

TravelingMan said...

A little off topic but interesting nonetheless:


Pat Paris said...

Is LN 14 really going to be delivered next month to a TBA owner?

Anonymous said...

LN 11 First flight was February 19, pictures here: