Thursday, July 18, 2013

First 787-9 rolls out

The Seattle PI got some great pictures of the first 787-9 rolling out of 40-24 and going to the paint hangar 45-03. I suspect it'll be in there not only to get a coat of paint but to have its fuel tanks washed out. ZA215 (LN 123, VH-VKA) was rolled out of the same paint hangar, still unpainted, and is parked in front of the Everett Delivery Center thus making room for ZB001. I expect that ZB001 should be inside for at least a week and a half and should be out on the flightline by then end of the month. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures by the Seattle PI by clicking on the link below:


Emile Hendrik said...

Looks like it's gonna be just as much fun as the B787-8.. looking forward to it

Emile Hendrik said...

Look forward to the new 9.. if it's anything like the 8 its bound to be allot of fun ;-)