Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I found this great website that has some pretty spectacular photos of 787s and 747s around Everett. It has some other interesting information on the MAX vs NEO order battle as well as current utilization of the 787s already delivered to ANA. Check it out:



johnv777 said...

Nice site, thanks.
Also interesting - 5 B787s currently in the air. 2 ANA flights, ANA203, and ANA204 passing each other to and from FRA. Also 3 Boeing test flights, ZA236, ZA179 and ZA005. On the FRA route, I thought that ANA had only one international configured aircraft, but I have noted several times 2 aircraft on the FRA route at the same time. Are they temporarily using a domestically configured aircraft???

Unknown said...

Uresh, thanks for the mention and I appreciate your efforts in keeping us informed on the program. Your work serves as an invaluable resource.

John, thanks for the comment and email. As stated, flightaware is incorrectly showing daily 787 service. ANA alternates the 787 and 777 on their HND-FRA flights.


Anonymous said...

Ghosts of of Paine Field says it well and those are some nice photos. I was talking with a friend today and I think she had it right when at one point she said that at some point people are going to start to doubt that those reworks will ever see regular service.

Congratulations to Boeing and Lion Air on their new 737 order.

johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh,
It seems that a line move is past due in order to meet the 2.5 frames per month schedule. Do you have any new info on that?

Joostdg said...

Thanks for the great info !!!!!!!! btw i noticed that ZA005 is doing flight almost everyday. Any idea what those are for?

Joostdg said...

Ow and btw I think your flight times are not complety accurate. Acording to flightaware BOE236 had flown :

Cum Tot
4-feb 6:40 6:40
5-feb 6:40 0:00
6-feb 13:25 6:45
7-feb 22:33 9:08
8-feb 22:33 0:00
9-feb 41:45 19:12
10-feb 41:45 0:00
11-feb 47:00 5:15
12-feb 59:15 12:15
13-feb 65:44 6:29
14-feb 74:37 8:53
15-feb 84:45 10:08
16-feb 93:25 8:40
17-feb 100:09 6:44
18-feb 106:30 6:21
19-feb 120:03 13:33
20-feb 130:24 10:21
21-feb 143:37 13:13

That would make 22 feb the last day if it is indeed 150 hours that is needed. Any news on the l/n71 and up? (customer/location of build)

Johanny said...

Joostdg, you missed out 8/2 (6hrs, 47mins) where it flew as N1015B (reg) as BOE236 was being used for a 777 flight.

Shuan said...

Since ZA236 has now completed 150hrs of test flight then can anyone tell me when FAA will give the the engine certification?