Friday, February 10, 2012

No 787 Deliveries in February

Information just received indicates that while Boeing will be preparing 787s for delivery including the first deliveries of the GEnx-1B powered 787s. However, none of these airplanes will be delivered this month. It looks like these airplanes are being delayed about three and a half weeks.
According to information just received, ZA117 (JA806A, L/N 40) will be delivered to ANA around March 14th. This aircraft just had its first flight on Feb. 7. Both JA177 (JA822J, L/N 23) and ZA179 (JA825J, L/N 33) are scheduled to be delivered to Japan Airlines around March 24 with ZA179 tentatively scheduled to make its first flight around Feb. 13th (ZA177 had its first flight last year).
Lastly, ZA105 (JA808A, L/N 42) is scheduled to make its first flight around Feb. 29th but no delivery date has been set.
Undoubtedly this schedule shift has been caused by the need to check the aft fuselage for improper shimming installation and to take corrective measures if any are needed. Flightblogger has revealed that the inspections would take about three days but any work to correct any problems would take about two weeks per aircraft. This new schedule would corroborate this time estimate.
Meanwhile, Boeing contiues F&R/ETOPs testing on ZA236. On Wednesday/Thursday this aircraft flew a long 19 hour flight essentially Etch-A-Sketching "787" and the Boeing Corporate logo in the skies over the Western and Mid-Western sections of the country. Thus far this aircraft has flown 48.5 hours. It is expected that this airplane needs to fly about 150 hours to finish the certification program for the GEnx powered 787s.


graeme77 said...

When Boeing management tell us all is fine and dandy - we need to ask for their exact definition of fine and dandy.

Shuan said...

Boeing is always delaying...............From 2008 to 2012,maybe more

Shuan said...

With this pace i don't think boeing will be able to deliver 20 b787 also in 2012.................No deliveries in Feb and no sign of b787 delivery for Air India which conformed that they would be getting at least 1 in feb. I feel that what are due for march will also be not delivered

Shuan said...

I don't get it.......why boeing is making new frames at this time when they should first work and clear the 52 undelivered aircrafts. If the number was 5-10 then we can understand that they should continue will ramp up process but when you are having 52 aircrafts on the field first you should put your max power and people to change incorporation process work............. Even if they are able to increase their production in this time when they are finding issues on their planes then it will only create more problems as more rework would be needed and availibility of space to keep all those undelivered frames

Anonymous said...

You have to think that Boeing knows how to handle their business best. But as an outsider I agree that you have to wonder why they aren't putting more into clearing out the backlog of reworks. I'm keeping the faith that this spring they'll get things rolling.


BOE179 is returning to PAE with a flap malfunction, but not declaring an emergency at this time.