Monday, February 6, 2012

Boeing confirms the start of final testing phase for 787/GEnx certification

Boeing confirmed to me this afternoon that they have indeed started the final phase of certification testing for the GEnx-1B powered version of the 787. What is unknown is how many hours Boeing will need to fly this airplane in order to complete this final phase. Boeing is still planning to deliver the first 787s powered by this engine by the end of this month to JAL, though with the recent delamination issues that Flightblogger revealed on Saturday evening, this schedule may well be in doubt though Boeing says this will have no effect on production. Boeing doesn't expect the need to remove major structural assemblies to gain access to the affected area and make repairs to the shim which they have describe as straightforward.


PhilsStory said...

ZA236 is in the air. It looks like a long skywriting flight.

Shuan said...

(Air India) Boeing test flight ln no. 35 marked the longest test flight of b787 up to date exeeding 13hrs of flight


JA806A del 14-Mar

JA822J del 24-Mar

JA825J flies 13-Feb del 24-Mar

JA808A flies 29-Feb