Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Updated 787 Final Assembly Start Dates

I just got some new production start dates for the next few 787s (up to L/N 53). L/N 50 was the latest 787 to start final assembly (started on Oct. 27th). Here are the following final assembly start dates:

L/N 51 - Nov. 10 (14 days)
L/N 52 - Nov. 22 (12 days)
L/N 53 - Dec. 6 (14 days but take back on day for the Thanksgiving Holiday, 13 days)

In order to be producing at a 2.5 aircraft rate, Boeing needs to start final assembly on a new 787 every 12 days (excluding holidays and assuming a 30 day month). It looks like they're trying to get there but I was expecting L/N 51 to start final asembly a couple of days sooner.


johnv777 said...

Great Info Uresh. Any idea when the Charleston line will move?

Uresh said...

Oh they're going to take it real slow in North Charleston. They're using the LN 46 to really train the new workers there but obviously they want to be very careful as it will end up in a customer's hands. I don't expect the line to move until possibly the end of this month or sometime in December.

craig said...

Any idea when the first Air Canada plane will be built?

Uresh said...

Don't have that info yet Craig

NickB said...

The production list needs to be updated. LN50 is for United (pos 2 final assembly PAE 11/10/11 with #2 for United banner). LN51 is for ANA (pos 1 final assembly PAE 11/10/11 with #18 for ANA banner)

Uresh said...

Nick, can you confirm that information?