Monday, November 21, 2011

Did AMR order more 777-300ERs?

Today AMR detailed the breakdown of their huge A320 order (they're converting the order of 130 current generation A320s into a mix of current gen A319 and A321).
AMR's Press Release
However what is interesting comes at the end of press release. In the last paragraph, AMR states that they have orders for 15 777s that are to be delivered between 2012 and 2016. Looking at Boeing's O&D web site shows that AMR has orders for 7 777-300ER as well and 6 777-200ERs (left over from the order placed in the 1990s). I don't think that these 6 777-200ERs will ever be delivered to AMR.

Interestingly enough Boeing booked an unidentified order last week for 8 777s the version is unknown until Boeing releases it's orders for the month in early December. However there is some confusion if this 777 order is for American Airlines or Singapore Airplanes which had announced an order for 8 777-300ERs. Boeing did book another order for 8 777-300ERs also in September, 2011 so it is possible one of these orders is for Singapore Airlines and the other is for American.


Gunner said...

It seem inevitable that they will have for file for BK protection, and when that happens, their portion of the order book will get flushed by the courts.

Anonymous said...

Who are you referring to Gunner, AMR?

Gunner said...


Yes, I am of the personal belief that AMR will need to file BK papers within the next 12-18 months.

I also hope that I am wrong.