Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another 787 for ANA getting ready for delivery

Matt Cawby posted a photo of the 4th 787 to be delivered to ANA outside at the Everett Field fuel dock. This aircraft L/N 41 is registered as JA807A and is expected to be delivered around mid to late December. The aircraft is shown with it Trent 1000 engines and the protective covering removed from the windows of the aircraft. As I blogged a couple of days ago, this aircraft along with L/N 31 will be the only 787s delivered in December.

Boeing will have delivered only 4 787s in 2011 with expectations that they would have delivered 6 - 8 787s. Again most of the very early build aircraft are still outside on the Everett flightline and not inside where the change incorporation rework is being done.

In other news ZA004 has been taking to the air of late and I can only surmise that this is related to getting final FAA type certification for the Trent 1000 package "B" improvements. Boeing will need this certification before delivering any 787s withe these improvements and I suspect that L/N 31 and L/N 41 are equipped with the package "B" Trents.


jgraham said...

for the airlines, waiting for the package B engines from both RR and GE probably makes a lot of sense. That would explain all those early build planes having been reworked for months, but now sitting on the flightline

johnv777 said...

Morning Uresh,
Matt Cawby's blog this morning shows a photograph of 2 United/Continental 787s on the flight line. I would assume these are ZA285/45 and ZA286/50. However your spreadsheet shows ZA286/50 still in assembly position #3. I wonder if Boeing did an extra line move, or if they did some out of sequence shuffling of frames. Do you have any insight? As always, your updates are very appreciated.

Uresh said...

Yeah, I'm curious about that 2nd UA 787. My guess is that they shifter that aircraft out of position 3. I am trying to find out.

graeme77 said...

Hi Uresh
Could you elaborate on the green backgrounded lines on your Production spreadsheet? What exactly does the green represent?
Much appreciated, thanks.

Uresh said...

Those are airplanes inside that are undergoing change incorporation in Everett either in EMC or 40-24.

johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh,
Matt Cawby published a photo of an ANA 787 JA804A at the fuel Dock with Engines attached. Do you happen to know the LN# ? I cannot match it to any of the "Engine Attached" aircraft in your spreadsheet.

Uresh said...

Yes I saw that and I'm trying to find out which one it is.

Uresh said...

JA804A is L/N9, ZA102. This is the aircraft that undertook F&R/ETOPS testing.