Tuesday, August 2, 2011


One down one to go. Boeing has completed the ETOPs portion of F&R/ETOPs testing phase leaving only about 80 hours of F&R testing and the submittal of the final documents to the FAA as the final hurdle to type certification of the 787. Of course the GEnx powered 787 will have to replicate the testing that ZA102 has accomplished so far and Boeing will have to do the 330 minute ETOPs testing early next year after they implement a software change. The current ETOPS certification is for 180 minute ETOPs.

Another sign of progress...Boeing will roll out the first 787 to be delivered to a customer (ZA101) this Saturday fully painted and furnished with the interior that ANA has chosen. This is another important milestone that Boeing has been trying to reach for well over 3 years. Type certification should come around mid September with first delivery to follow soon thereafter.

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