Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boeing unveils first service ready 787

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Boeing unveiled the first service ready 787 to a group of waiting ANA executives and assembled media (unfortunately your truly wasn't amongst them). The crowd was able to board and view the 787 configured for regional medium range missions for ANA. ANA expects to conduct the first revenue flight between Tokyo and Hong Kong sometime in October after delivery sometime next month. This is another clear sign that Boeing is ready to switch the program from a development program to production though the production system is still sorely needing a dramatic turn around. ZA101 now is now registered as JA801A and will soon undertake standard Boeing and customer test flights. ZA102 or ZA100 is expected to be the 2nd 787 delivered to ANA.

ZA102 is still conducting functionality and reliability testing around Everett and has about 60 more flight hours to complete. After this testing is done Boeing will submit all the remaining paperwork to the FAA and after about 30 days Boeing should have the final type certification for the Rolls Royce powered 787. Meanwhile flight testing is still continuing on the GEnx powered 787 with both ZA005 and ZA006 flying test missions. There is still no word on when Boeing will start GEnx F&R/ETOPs testing or which aircraft(s) will be used in that testing. Unsurprisingly the Trent powered 787s are not flying much as that part of the test program is completed though Boeing will probably have them on stand by in case the FAA wants them to run any further tests after the submission of paperwork.

Lastly, Boeing has restarted the 787 line with new deliveries for airplane 44 arriving into Everett. That aircraft is now in position 1 in building 40-26. According to Flightblogger, Boeing is expected to increase the rate to 2.5 by the end of August.

Here's Boeing's Press Release:

Boeing, ANA Roll Out the First 787 Dreamliner that Will Enter into Service

EVERETT, Wash., Aug. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The first Boeing (NYSE: BA) 787 Dreamliner that will enter into service with launch customer ANA rolled out of the paint hangar today. The airplane bears a special livery signifying the core element's of ANA's service brand – innovation, uniqueness and the inspiration of Japan.

"Our teams are making outstanding progress in completing the first airplane to be delivered and achieving certification of the 787," said Scott Fancher, vice presidentand general manager of the 787 program. "We are inspired by the airline's enthusiasm for this airplane and look forward to the day when we make our first delivery to ANA."

ANA's first 787 features a short-haul international interior design with business- and economy-class cabins.

"ANA's passengers will be the first to experience the 787 Dreamliner's comfortable interior environment," said Mitsuo Morimoto, ANA senior executive vice president and member of the board of directors. "Combined with ANA's superior levels of service, passengers will enjoy a spacious interior, larger windows, comfortable seats and touch-panel in-flight entertainment screens."

Some of the most innovative technologies aboard the 787 aren't visible, but will help passengers have a more pleasant and comfortable flight. Passengers will arrive at their destinations feeling more refreshed with the airplane's cleaner cabin air, lower cabin altitude and higher humidity.

Boeing plans to deliver the first 787 to ANA in September. ANA will operate its first 787 revenue flight as a charter international flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong.

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