Monday, August 8, 2011

787 Production Update

I've learned today the customers who will be receiving 787s designated from LN 64 to LN70.

They are as follows:

ZA463/LN64 to Qatar Airways
ZA182/LN65 to Japan Airlines
ZA135/LN66 to ANA
ZA118/LN67 to ANA
ZA536/LN68 to LAN
ZA119/LN69 to ANA
ZA240/LN70 to Air India

I don't have information, as of yet, where each will be built (Everett or Charleston) but I'm working to try and get that information. Boeing is planning to increase its 787 production rate to 2.5 airplanes a month by the end of this month.


tommy said...

Thanks for the update!

johnv777 said...

Hi Uresh,

Thanks for the new info on the production list. Just curious, what is the reason for the out of sequence positioning of LN44 for Ethiopian. I would have thought it should be in final assembly position #3 rather than in Stall #120.

Uresh said...

They're probably bought those planes back into the assembly bay to continue some work on them and then take them back out to the flight line. The later prodcution planes are needing less rework so it probably won't be long before they're out on the flightline. I'm trying to get the final assembly start dates for some of the later aircraft.