Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guy Norris: ZA002 to fly very soon

UPDATE: ZA002 will be ferried from Boeing Field back to Everett this evening to have its fuel tanks washed out due to debris that was found in the fuel system during the lay up at Boeing Field. Both Flightblogger and Guy Norris are reporting this in their blogs and Boeing has filed a flight plan for the ferry flight. Guy Norris says that the aircraft should return to flight testing shortly but does represent a delay to the aircraft entering the flight test schedule. Flightblogger describes the debris as some cheese cloth and some particulate in the fuel tanks.

Guy Norris: Second 787 returning to flight - update

Flightblogger: Debris forces 2nd 787 back to Everett

In a blog posting today, Guy Norris says that ZA002 will be flying today but it looks like it'll be going back to Everett for more engineering work to troubleshoot an issue. It looks like it may not be rejoining the test fleet until the issue is resolved.

If true it seems that the issue is with this aircraft only and no other 787 as ZA001 is flying and has not experienced any significant issues. The issue may have to do with the landing gear problems the aircraft experienced on its first flight though that is speculation on my part. Guy says that Boeing has not responded to his inquiries.

Guy Norris: second aircraft ready to fly again?