Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First 747-8F out of paint Hangar

Boeing Photo

Boeing showed off the newest version of the 747 painted in the Boeing "light" scheme. It will now proceed for fueling tests followed by APU start and then first engine start and intermediate gauntlet.

In a little bit of 787 news, the fatigue test air frame is now in the temporary tent hangar on the Everett flightline which may mean that this air frame may be next to undergo the side of body modification. A 747LCF also delivered the next horizontal stabilizer for Dreamliner 13.


Savi said...

I am confused about the 787 progress. Is the full scale static test air frame not the same as the fatigue test air frame? You reported earlier that the static frame has completed side-of-body mods while the fatigue is in line to receive them...

Uresh said...

Boeing produced two air frames which will never fly or have systems put in. One is the static test air frame which will test the structural strength of the aircraft and verify the computer models that helped design the aircraft. The second test air frame is a fatigue test air frame which will under go three years of testing of simulated flights. Essentially the air frame will be subjected to loads it will experience over a lifetime of flying in about three years.