Sunday, November 15, 2009

787s on the move

According to Matt Cawby's blog, Dreamliner 2 (ZA002, LN2) has apparently completed it's side of body modifications and will be moved out of the temporary hangar on the Everett flightline.

In it's place Dreamliner 4 (ZA004, LN4) will be moved from the ATS hangar where it currently resides into the temporary hangar on the flightline for the modification work.. Dreamliner 1 (ZA001, LN 1) conducted VHF and HF radio checks but no word on when it will be pulled out of the paint hangar.

Since Boeing indicated that the modifications on ZA002 and ZY997 (static test) were to be completed within days, it does stand to reason that Boeing should be able to conduct the wing stress test on ZY997 within the next few weeks since I do believe the mods should be done on that aircraft too.

With Dreamliner 2 moving out onto to the flightline, Boeing will have the following 787s outside:
Dreamliner 2, Dreamliner 6, Dreamliner 7 and Dreamliner 8.

At last report Dreamliner 3 and Dreamliner 4 are at the ATS hangar and Dreamliner 5 is in building 40-24 (767 final assembly line). ZY998 (fatigue test) I believe is also in 40-24.

Matt Cawby's Blog

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