Saturday, November 7, 2009

2nd production 787 moved to flightline

While we and the rest of the world waits for the first flight of the 787, Matt Cawby got video and pictures of the 2nd production 787 out on the Everett flightline. The aircraft was moved out the paint hangar 45-03 and onto the ramp at Everett. The aircraft is registered as JA804A.

Inside building 40-26, Boeing workers continue to put together 787s LN 9 to LN 12 (all for ANA). It is expected that LN 13 should be in the Everett factory very soon.

You can view Matt Cawby's picture by clicking here you can also view his video of the aircraft roll out here. Notice that this aircraft also does not have its engines attached yet. That will happen closer to the delivery time.

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