Thursday, November 2, 2017

787 Month End Report for October 2017

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett140
To be assembled in Charleston108
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly9
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Pre-Flight Prep13
Production Testing2
Non Customer Flight Tests4
Ready for Delivery3

Boeing starts the final final quarter of 2017 by delivering 13 787s in October but that is one shy of the expected 14.  It was expected that Boeing was to deliver ZD012 (LN 19, VP-CSC) this month but the delivery of the final early build 787-8 has not been confirmed as of yet and probably has not occurred.  Yet Boeing has been able to deliver 13 787 this month (2 x 787-8, 11 x 787-9) shows that Boeing is starting the sprint to the end of the year delivery goals for the 787.  This 13 airplanes included Air India's 27th and last 787-8 on order as well as Ethiopian Airlines' first 787-9 taken on lease from AerCap as well as QANTAS' first 787-9.  So far this year Boeing has delivered 113 787s (24 x 787-8, 89 x 787-9) and 613 since program deliveries began in September 2011 (348 x 787-8, 265 x 787-9).

Meanwhile inside the two 787 production facilities, rolled out 12 787s while starting assembly on 12. Of those 12 787s that started final assembly in October 3 were rolled out before the end of the month.  Compared to the 13 airplanes that Boeing delivered the production efficiency was.92 (13 deliveries/12 roll outs).  Charleston a little bit more efficient (.83) vs. Everett (1.0) this month.

During the conference call to discuss Boeing's 3rd quarter results, management reaffirmed the decision to raise 787 output to 14/month in 2019.  The 787 helped increase operating margins for the firm as it increased by 9.9%.  This was probably helped by the continued reduction in the deferred production cost for the 787.  In the third quarter the 787 deferred production cost dropped from $26.461 bn to $25.948 bn.  This equates to a quarterly reduction of $513 mm.  Still that is a huge number to bring down even though Boeing increased the accounting block by 100 airplanes.

The 787-10 program saw a huge reduction in the number of flights that were flown in October.  Though I'm not sure but I do believe that Boeing was focusing the program on ground testing of the aircraft.  I don't believe that Boeing is any near finished with flight testing the -10 and they're continuing to build 787-10 in concurrency with the flight test program so any changes that are mandated by the FAA will have to be incorporated into these early build 787-10 airplanes most of which are going to Singapore Airlines.

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greg smith said...

Looks like Avianca ordered 8 787 9's, as did RAM..
also appears Biman ordered the genx engines for they're dreamliners

Andrew Boydston said...

Is there any any indication why the 787-10 flight testing has slowed so much during the last several weeks? Is Boeing wrapping up its testing phase soon, since it has already validated 787 systems from earlier programs as found in all 787 aircraft types? The 787-10 may only have to reach an FAA testing regimen in frame hours rather than redoing every test it needed during the 787-8 program. The 787-10 is 95% of the the 787-9 in commonality of concept. That suggests the "stretch" effects the flight handling, take-offs and landings as the primary issues from its "configured size". The systems testing would be a carry over from the dash 9 and would not need the intensive systems testing it required from earlier 787 models. The 787-10 maybe wrapping up its required testing. Otherwise, its been the "smoothest" test process for its family of aircraft.

Anonymous said...

Any news on the assembly or delivery schedule for the Qatar 787-9?

greg smith said...

Still waiting

linus makolowela said...

What is the status of Tanzania B787-8

Vab Andleigh said...

Hi Uresh,

Have you considered adding a third plot of the Cumulative 787 Deliveries broken out by 787-8, -9, and -10 similar to how you present the Monthly Deliveries plot?

I think 787 cumulative delivery mix over time would be interesting, particular when comparing it to the reduction in the deferred production cost over time.

Abid said...

What’s the delivery schedule for biman 787-8. Thanks