Monday, July 3, 2017

787 Firing Order Updated

I've updated the spreadsheets to reflect the firing order up to LN 742.  Surprise, surprise, it looks like Biman Bangladesh will take the 4 787-8 they have on order.  Their first 787-8 is ZA954 (LN 726).  I estimate that this aircraft should be delivered in about 14 months from now.

Also it appears that United will receive the first GE GEnx-1B powered 787-10 next year.  This aircraft is ZC037 (LN 731).  Eva Airlines will take it's first 787 (a 787-9) on lease from Air Lease Corp.  This is ZB771 (LN 722).  China Southern Airlines' first leased 787-9 will come from AerCap, they have ZB934 (LN 737).

Check out all the tables by using the following link:

787 Tables


Tarek said...

Uresh any idea if info on when airlines have to exercise options is public or available? I assume we are far enough into the backlog that some options need to be exercised at some point soon no?

Uresh said...

That information is up to the airlines to release if they choose to. I don't know of any place to get that information though.

Hiromichi Notake said...

ANA and Japan Airlines’s 787-9 will be registrated as follows:

ANA: ZB701(L/N685) will be JA897A.
ZB702(L/N732) will be JA898A.
ZE003(L/N741) will be JA899A.

Japan Airlines: ZB427(L/N690) will be JA872J.
ZB428(L/N706) will be JA873J.
ZB429(L/N730) will be JA874J.

greg smith said...

Has biman decided on engines yet?

Uresh said...

It's listed on the spreadsheets - GE

Andrew Boydston said...

Uresh and Terek; Follow the link to Leeham news as they did a pretty good lob of recounting the option, LOI and MOU status, definition and its history on the subject.

miquel440 said...

Did you hear the news that TG has 4 787.s grounded because of trouble with the Rolls engines? I couldn.t find what the cause of the problems are.

Uresh said...

Yeah I don't know either.

agincourt said...